Quỳnh Như Trần

  • Điện thoại: +84 374110555

  • Giáo dục/ Đào tạo
  • Thành viên kể từ, 20/12/2022

Về Quỳnh Như Trần

  • Trình độ học vấn Sau đại học
  • Độ tuổi 23 - 27 tuổi
  • Giới tính Nữ
  • Kinh nghiệm 3 - 5 năm

Về tôi

When I read the job posting, I felt confident that I would be qualified and could bring added value to the company.

My knowledge and experience in various industries (which can be named merchandise, sales, hospitality, education,…) encompasses over 5 years. I see real value in my years of experience, particularly in the area of education which allows me to have a broad view of how a school system can be run like a business. I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills which allow me to work with a broad range of people at various levels. My past success and accomplishments speak for the value I bring to this position. 

Giáo dục

  • The George Washington University 2021 - Hiện nay

    Master of Business Administration-MBA

    It is an extraordinary opportunity to be involved in MBA Programs at George Washington University. The students are able to bring unique work and life experiences to the table, leading to a ''who's-helping-who'' learning environment.

Trải qua

  • IELTS Centre 2022 - Hiện nay

    Manager (Academic and Operation)

    • Design syllabus of each course and level covering the IELTS module • Assess the content of an overall syllabus with responsibility for quality assurance • Identify and recruit potential candidates through various channels • Collect and review applications to shortlist candidates • Train and process orientation for new teachers/talents • Manage the day-to-day academic operations at the Center • Assure consistent levels of student and teacher satisfaction • Assist Center Manager to create and provide timely and accurate reports that track and report all center KPIs to BOD and Director of Centers. • Assist Academic Department, Marketing Department and Director of Centers to plan learning and teaching excellence projects, including but not limited to professional development, quality control process, brainstorming and implementing new learning products.

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